About Klaus

Klaus was born on April 24, 1987, in Chile and lived in the city of Santiago until he was 27 years old. There, he finished his university education, obtained a Master’s Degree in Communication and Media Management, focusing on photography and making it his professional career from the very beginning.

In many ways, his university education and career laid the foundation for him to approach photography from a marketing perspective and always keep the focus on the clients’ and consumers’ needs. It also allowed him to continuously self-analyze and keep improving with every assignment.

In 2016, he decided to sell everything in Chile and start over in Leipzig, Germany. During the first few years, he worked in gastronomy, which helped him tremendously in managing the language, understanding European culture, and restarting his photography career.

The year 2022 was an important one for him; he made the big jump and became a completely independent professional photographer in Germany, offering his services in various branches and working with clients around Europe. Throughout the year, you will see him covering national and international sports, working with equestrian stables, and collaborating with institutions of diverse degrees.

Thanks to the good results of his work, 2024 was probably one of the most special years. His work allowed him to start KlausMedia.eu, establish a team of freelancers, and offer secondary services (with his vision) related to photography to clients who also require a more complete package, such as video content, graphic design, and website design.