is our primary product, and it constitutes our regular activity. Klaus attends a wide variety of events across Europe that demand high-quality content.


Video content is something Klaus does intermittently, as he captures photos in between. An excellent choice for Reels or interview content!


We do our own graphic designs and we offer this as well for our clients. Usually we keep a minimalistic style, but we always adjust the results to match our clients’ brand style.


Website design is another service we offer for clients who prefer not to handle it directly. With a minimalist style, we provide fast and responsive design for businesses in need of a website, compatible with computers, tablets, or cellphones.


Klaus Trotter is a Chilean photographer based in Leipzig, Germany. In 2023, he founded KlausMedia, a team formed by him, to collaborate with others and maintain focus on content production. The team offers related services to photography and aims to keep growing with a solid foundation over the years.

Our typical activities in the field of photography